Taylor Swift RED - Album Is A Huge Success

Taylor Swift’s RED is another hit for the 22 year old Grammy-winner-country-pop-singer. RED is her 4th studio album as of this writing (for sure there is more to come right?).

Taylor Swift RED Album Songs And Information

RED, according to some online websites that covers music and entertainment, as expected, is full of songs and lyrics pertaining to her experiences. The one that hits the most is the ALL TOO WELL track. Some says that the song is about her and Jake Gyllenhaal.

RED Taylor Swift
 Taylor Swift’s RED is also dubbed as her album about her ex boyfriends. According to some articles at MTV.com
she was completely thrilled that her fans could finally listen to the collection of personal, emotional and honest songs.
It's everything you'd expect from a Swift record, but so much more. Swift takes personal risks on this album, experimenting with different sounds, diving more into the pop world and collaborating with writers.
As of this moment, RED already reached the top spot at iTunes album chart.

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