Man Verbally And Physically Abusing A Woman Caught On CCTV

Below is a video of a man, a restaurant customer that was caught on cam while verbally and physically abusing a woman, who happens to be a restaurant cashier and employee.

Pamamahiya umano ng isang customer sa isang kahera, nakunan ng CCTV

At the above video, you can see that the man who goes on rage throws a plastic bottle with water on it straight to the woman's chest. He grab's the woman collar and pull her straight to him as if he was going to punch her or something. He also manage to get inside the counter to again, pull the woman and make her eat the money that he got on hand.

A CLEAR ABUSE. For sure, lot's of people will get into this online. Woman's And Human Rights groups will take a deeper and closer look at this.

So can you identify the man in this video? Who is he? Someone from a powerful family or something? Is he another Robert Blair Carabuena on the making?



grabe galit n galit ako nung nakita ko to ,, pero mukhang may fault din si girl pero di dapt ginanun nung lalaki hay