Lilit Avagyan, Reggie Bush Girlfriend Pregnant [With Lilit Avagyan Video]

The name Lilit Avagyan seem to become one of the most searched and talked about name online. Suddenly her name became the talk of the town.

Lilit Avagyan is the girlfriend of Reggie Bush, The Dolphin's Running Back. Reggie Bush confirmed the rumored pregnancy of Lilit via his special appearance at "Paul and Young Ron Show". According to him, they still don't know the gender of the child.

Lilit Avagyan is a Kim Kardashian look alike. As we all know, Kim Kardashian is the ex girlfriend of Reggie Bush. I wonder what Kim will feel with this pregnancy news of her look alike that is now the girlfriend of his ex boyfriend.

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Now you are wondering, who is Lilit Avagyan.

Lilit is a world class ballroom dancer. She is 24 years old as of this writing and she already appeared at one episode of "Dancing With the Stars". She currently stays at Los Angeles doing the thing she love the most, dancing via being a choreographer and dance teacher. And oh, she is a ballet expert too.

Here is a profile/talent photo of her via her talent agency. (image first seen at

Ok, here is one Lilit Avagyan video for you dancing at her very best.

Lilit Avagyan & Grigori Sedrakyan - Jive

Congrats to the couple! Reggie Bush is one lucky guy indeed!