Bus Driver Uppercuts Girl [Full Video]

The following video had gone viral and spread like a wild fire online. This video shows a bus driver having an altercation with a woman that ended up in an uppercut. Different reactions and speculations are floating around this incident. Check the videos below and tell us what do you think of it.

Cleveland Ohio RTA Bus Driver Uppercuts Female Passenger

 Cleveland RTA Bus Driver Uppercuts Girl (Full Video)

You can see a girl and a bus driver arguing during a ride. But when things get hotter, the bus driver ended up giving the woman an uppercut and throwing the woman off the bus.

According to news and resources, the Cleveland bus driver is now under investigation of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority or RTA.

The above video is first posted at WorldStarHipHop.com then goes it's way to YouTube landing a spot on Reddit that made it gain national or even international attention.

Social media is pretty powerful with this kind of incident right?

The woman on that video is 25 yrs old while the man is a 22 year RTA veteran.

Mary Shaffer, RTA spokesperson already gave a statement:

“We also saw the video today. Upon review, the driver was removed from duty and suspended. We are investigating.”

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