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American Horror Story Season 2 is out. This season 2 is entitled and dubbed as ASYLUM. For those who still don't know, American Horror Story is a series of terrifying tale of America's horror anthology portraying different characters for each and every season.

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Each American Horror Story season, a different horrifying tale is being shown. The first season of this series showcased a family that moved into a haunted mansion wherein they are bothered by its former tenants.

This second season, as the title of it implies, focuses on a certain insane asylum , the Briarcliff Manor, wherein the corners of it is much more to be afraid of that its crazy and insane patients.

Season 2 of the show do have many great and awesome new characters. American Horror Society Asylum offers nothing but the great horrifying and heart pounding experience. The Asylum gives its viewers fresh new concept just in time for the Halloween season.

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At Briarcliff Manor, Even The Horror Goes Insane. Commit Yourself.

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