About Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

This news might be not for the faint of heart. According to numerous resources, the long rumored sex tape of pro wrestling and legend superstar Hulk Hogan has surfaced and leaked online!. Yes, Hulk Hogan sex tape is now roaming around like a wild fire.

So who got the video first? Well, Gawker website got it first. They already posted the video clip that according to them, came from some trusted sources.

Hulk Hogan With 2 Girls - Image Via tvrage.com
According to Gawker, the video is supposedly 30 minutes long but it was edited into 1 minute and half that shows Hulk Hogan about to do something to her certain partner.

As of now, media is trying to contact Hulk Hogan but his phone seems to be unattended. He is not answering any calls from anyone.

What do you think about this shocking revelation? Do you think someone will make a profit about this video clip? Any thoughts about it?

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