Pinoy Gangnam Style [Gangnam Style - Pinoy Style VIDEO And FULL INFO]

The hit craze Gangnam Style hits the Philippines showbiz as well. This made various celebrities to do their very own version of Gangnam Style. Below is a video of Gangnam Style - Pinoy Style spoof starring It's Showtime" host Eric "Eruption" Tai .

Eruption is seen dancing at various places in Manila with few celebrities joining his very own, starting to get viral, spoof video.

You can see at the video the appearances of Kapamilya Stars Anne Curtis, Christian Bautista, Megan Young, Randy Santiago, Coleen Garcia, Slater Young, Ryan Bang, Jugs Jugueta, Billy Crawford along with ABS-CBN reporters/journalists Gretchen Fullido and Ginger Conejero ( who are also two of the personalities you can see at the viral video: I Want It That Way (Or What Happens Inside the ABS-CBN Newsroom) ).

Here are the cast (of Gangnam Style - Pinoy Style) in order of appearance:

Cast in order of appearance:
Herlie Kim Artugue @herliekim_18
Eric Tai @eric_tai
Edward (care of Hobbit House)
Hillarie Parungao
Mica Javier @DaRealMica
UP Street Dance
Cherry Malaya @CherryMalaya
Ervin 'Dumbo' Plaza @Dumbolicious
Andy Smith @thisisandysmith
Ryan Bang @ryanbangko
Jugs Jugueta @jugsjugsjugs
Showtime Girls
Gretchen Fullido @gretchenfullido
Billy Crawford instagram@billyjoecrawford
Anne Curtis @annecurtissmith
Megan Young @meganbata
Rovilson Fernandez @rovilson_f
Jinno Rufino @jinnorufino
Randy Santiago
Young JV @YoungJVofficial
Tim Yap @Tim Yap
Christian Bautista @xtianbautista
Ginger Conejoro @gingerconejoro
Gab Valenciano @gabvalenciano
Colleen Garcia @coleengarcia
Slater Young @thatguySLATER

Directed & Edited by Derek Wanner

By the way, even Britney Spears learned to dance Gangnam Style as well. Pretty cool huh?