About Kate Middleton Bottomless Photos

After the Kate Middleton topless photos hits the internet like a wildfire weeks ago, now, Kate Middleton bottomless photos hits the world wide web and it's gaining great amount of buzz online and offline.

Even with a casual get up, Kate seemed to look effortlessly pretty. She really knows how to dress up even with a simple jeans and shirt. Image Via GlamBomb.Com

What Kate did: (left to right) Casual and on the catwalk at St Andrews, cooling off on a boat with Prince William in Ibiza and all smiles leaving Mahiki nightclub. Image Via Telegraph.Co.Uk

Here is a snippet of that latest controversy surrounding Kate Middleton along with the royal family.

Se Og Hør put up a rather brave front when it came to the "bottomless" photos of Duchess Kate taken while she was vacationing with Prince William in southern France. - okmagazine.com

According to this news article from dailymail.co.uk:

Photographs of Kate Middleton changing her bikini bottom have been published in a Danish magazine, reigniting the privacy scandal surrounding the Royal couple.

Celebrity magazine Se Og Hor (See And Hear) has gone further than any other publication and printed a 16-page special of photographs, including three of the Duchess of Cambridge changing her bikini bottoms – taken from the front.

With this latest scandal and issue, I am quite sure that the royal couple (Prince William And Duchess Kate) is now doing some talk on how to spend their vacation in such a way that their privacy won't be compromised.

With their royal status, photographers and paparazzi are always at their tail following them wherever they go. It is kind of hard  for them to do normal things people do because of their fame and  royal status.

So what do you think? Any thoughts about this latest controversy?

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