Justin Bieber Tattoos [LATEST PHOTOS INCLUDED]

Here's a mini collection of Justin Bieber Tattoos including the latest one. Check it out below and let us know if its a YAY or NAY for you. Here it goes.

 1. Justin Bieber’s Hip Tattoo - Bird
A small flying bird is the first tattoo of Justin Bieber. He got this one at his left hip. According to sources, this tattoo is somewhat  a kind of tradition for Bieber clan male members. This Justin's first tattoo is inspired by the fable "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".

2. Justin Bieber's Ribcage Tattoo - Yeshua
The word "Yeshua" is the 2nd tattoo of Justin. The said word means "Jesus" in Hebrew. This tattoo of him is the same tattoo Mr. Jeremy Bieber, his dad, do also have. According to some resources, Bieber finds some inspiration in reciting Hebrew prayers before performing on stage, this, I think, influenced him to get that type or kind of tattoo.

3. Justin Bieber’s Left Leg Tattoo - Jesus
Image of Jesus is the 3rd tattoo of Justin Bieber that is inked at his left leg. The tattoo shows a classic image of Jesus with crown of thorns and halo above his head.

4. Justin Bieber's 2nd Left Leg Tattoo - Praying Hands
A pair of praying hands inked on his left leg below the image of Jesus is the 4th tattoo of Justin. With this tattoo, people are starting to believe that Justin is indeed becoming a religious person or some sort of.

5.Justin Bieber's Left Arm Tattoo - Believe
The word BELIEVE is inked inside the left arm of Justin Bieber. Justin revealed it during Davin Letterman show guesting. This tattoo, according to him, is inspired by his album titled: BELIEVE. Beliebers love it.

6. Justin Bieber’s Right Arm Tattoo - Japanese Symbol
A kanji word or characters that means "MUSIC" is the 6th ink of Justin. He got this one at his right arm almost the same spot or place with his BELIEVE left arm tattoo. This kind of form the word BELIEVE MUSIC. He got this one during the 4th of July celebration and vacation of him.

7th - Justin Bieber's Right Clavicle Tattoo - Crown
This is the latest tattoo he got. A pic of him showing his latest ink is starting to become viral around the world wide web. He showed it first via his twitter account.

David Letterman - Justin Bieber's BELIEVE Tattoo

Info Reference: justinbiebertattoos.com