Go Ateneo Go La Salle #ADMUvsDLSU #OneBigFight Twitter Trending Topics

This is just one quick post I gotta share for you guys. Here in the Philippines, 2 of the most prominent and well respected schools in terms of basketball skills and clubs are now trending topics on twitter. Ateneo De Manila University and De La Salle University. As of this moment, they are doing a #OneBigFight for a Final Spot in the UAAP championship. Here are some tweets that you might find interesting relating to the said 2 teams. Oh by the way? who are you in favor with? Team Ateneo Or Team La Salle? Let us know via the comment section below.

UPDATE: Seems like the 2 teams are dominating the Philippines trending topics. Check this out.

And they are doing some worldwide trends as well. Go Ateneo Go La Salle.

Are You Team Ateneo? Or Team La Salle? let us know via comment section below.