Cebu Dancing Inmates Doing The @psy_oppa Oppan Gangnam Style

Oppan Gangnam Style dance craze won't stop! Finally! The CPDRC Inmates Gangnam Style is now live and can be seen by many people worldwide! Withouth further ado, here is the Cebu Dancing Inmates video doing the Gangnam Style dance craze.

CPDRC Inmates Gangnam Style (2012)

Due to insistent public demand, the world renowned dancing inmates of Cebu finally had their own version of Psy's Gangnam Style music video.

Despite the heavy rain Sept. 29, at least a thousand inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) entertained guests with their ecstatic adoption of the Guinness World Record holder for the "Most Liked in YouTube.

Amazing indeed! I wonder what Ellen DeGeneres and PSY can say about this becoming viral video. You, what are your thoughts about this video?


Rizza Gatchalian said...

Who would not want to watch this?! hihihi... Fun!

Franc Ramon said...

The Cebu Dancing Inmates have been real inspirational and entertaining since they have found an outlet in dancing and entertaining people.

Justin | Hari ng Lakbay said...

World's most popular Dancing Inmates + The World's Most Viral Song of 2012 = It's absolutely a sure hit! Eventhough it's raining, they never fail to amazed the viewers.

Raine Pal said...

I really love this group. ^_^

Rhea Parks said...

veri nice dance by the way thanks for sharing this post

Ness said...

Wow!! I just saw this in the news d other day. And I stayed in cebu for 2yrs and has been witnessed this personally in their previous performance with the Michael jackson songs. Awesome teamwork!!