Senator Tito Sotto Plagiarism Meme PHOTOS #FamousTitoSottoQuotes #Sinotto Tweets Included

Senator Vicente "Tito" Sotto's Turno en Contra Speech is a top hit and trending topic again at the world wide web. Not because the speech is great, but because, for the 2nd time, he plagiarize again. He copied and translated some part of the speech of Robert F. Kennedy from his Day of Affirmation Address dated June 6, 1966.

Check this image:

Because of this another round of plagiarism of him, the Twitter world reacted. Some even made hashtags for his plagiarism act. Here are few of the trending Tito Sotto Twitter hashtags.

and of course, Tito Sotto plagiarism memes are big hit as well. Below are some memes from various resources. Take some time and choose what's the best among the rest.


Last But Not The Least....

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Let me know what are your thoughts about this Tito Sotto Plagiarism. Is he really a victim of cyber bullying?