Robert Blair Carabuena Public Apology [FULL CONTEXT] With PHOTO

Robert Blair Carabuena issued his public apology at the MMDA office. I wonder what is he and the people inside the MMDA is thinking while he walks inside the office of the Chairman. As people can still remember the disrespect he has done to Mang Saturnino Fabros, to the whole MMDA and to the Chairman as well, I don't know if this public apology can lighten the issue he is facing.

Like what others said, damage has been done. To the eyes of the public, specially to the eyes of netizen, he still deserves to be punished by the law to the full extent of it.

Robert Blair Carabuena surrendered to Chairman Tolentino and read an apology to Sonny Fabros, MMDA, & the public. via

Robert Blair Carabuena Public Apology [FULL CONTEXT]
Robert Blair Carabuena Public Apology Full Context

What about you? what can you say about this Robert Blair Carabuena public apology? Is he sincere or just pressured by the public?