Drunk CCTMO Officer On A Rage - Weeks After Blair Carabuena Incident

The Robert Blair Carabuena road rage sparked an uproar to the online community. After few weeks, another road scene is uploaded online and it's gathering a lot of views right now at YouTube.Com. This time, it's not the driver who is to blame and put into the uncanny law of online netizen, in fact, its the traffic police itself, a Calamba City Traffic Management Office (CCTMO) officer on a rage.

Here is the video of it. Lots of harsh words and cursing involve.

Lasing na CCTMO nagwawala!

In cased you missed it, the drunk CCTMO enforcer silently left the scene riding his old and dusty motorcycle while a police officer is talking to driver. Well, he can escape the law, but hey, he is on the video! I am quite sure that punishment will be served with the help of the online community and with this video.

Can you identify that drunk CCTMO enforcer? Who is he? 

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