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ABS-CBN along side with its major partner, ARIEL, launched a new online contest titled "Ariel Kulay Pinoy Awards". You can check out the contest page at http://arielkulaypinoy.abs-cbnnews.com/. As you can see or hear from their TV and Radio ads, Ariel Kulay Pinoy Awards is located at http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/arielkulaypinoy URL or link but it is being redirected to http://arielkulaypinoy.abs-cbnnews.com/ so it just means that they are pretty much the same.

About Ariel Kulay Pinoy Awards

People who are first to say they are ordinary but whose work and integrity make you proud to be Filipino. Teachers, firefighters, civic workers and countless other men and women in uniform who go the extra mile in performing their duties without expecting anything in return − just a deep pride for what they do, pride in their colors. The Ariel Kulay Pinoy Awards is for these remarkable Filipinos, a chance to give them the honor they truly deserve. Blue, red, green, yellow… Ariel Color & Style understands that these are not just colors of uniforms; they are shining beacons of hope, strength, knowledge and service. The men and women who wear them work hard to protect their integrity. Ariel Color & Style is their partner in protecting their colors, as it removes tough stains while keeping colors shining like new.
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When one truly deserves to wear his uniform and stand for what it symbolizes, that's what it means to wear your color with pride. They are men and women in uniform who go above and beyond the call of duty. Their achievements may be astounding like a public school teacher who, even with her limited resources, took it upon herself to build a school library or a taxi cab driver finding a bag full of cash returns it to its rightful owner −− these inspiring individuals are examples of men and women who wear their color with pride.

Submit Your Nominations For Ariel Kulay Pinoy Awards At http://arielkulaypinoy.abs-cbnnews.com/nominate.aspx

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