Kevin Durant Movie Thunderstruck (Trailer Video) @KDTrey5

Oklahoma City Thunder, along with their scoring champion, Kevin Durant, is heading to the NBA finals against whoever will win the Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics game 7 conference finals. But aside from the said finals game, there is one more big thing people should look into with Kevin Durant's name, it's his first ever movie: Thunderstruck.

According to the blogger of Ball Don’t Lie Yahoo Sports Blog - Eric Freeman

“It is a little ‘Space Jam,’ a little ‘Like Mike,’ a little ‘Teen Wolf,’ and a little pretty much every basketball movie ever made… It is a kids movie about basketball,” 

For me, it's a fun and interesting movie that the whole family will love and like. Here is the video trailer of Thunderstruck.

"Thunderstruck" - Official Movie Trailer 2012 - with Kevin Durant
Thunderstruck (2012) IMDB Page: