Toni Gonzaga Comment Regarding Lady Gaga's Songs Lyrics

There are protest regarding Lady Gaga's concert. Some not-so-open-minded people are saying that Lady Gaga's songs are a bit satanic and suggests bad traits or habits; especially the JUDAS song lyrics.

Some politicians are also jumping into the scene as well (no surprise here because election is near!).

Celebrities gave their own reactions as well and Toni Gonzaga is one of them. Read below some of Toni Gonzaga's statement along with the responses of Charlene Gonzales from their show: The Buzz.

Toni Gonzaga's statement:

“Personally, I liked Lady Gaga before, especially yung first song pa lang nya. Pero eventually nung napansin ko na medyo nga nagkakaroon ng double meaning yung mga succeeding songs nya, I stopped listening to her music.”
Charlene Gonzales's direct answer:
“Personally, I really like Lady Gaga and I think you can choose the good and leave out the bad.”
Toni Gonzaga's reply that made the social community react:
“No, but hindi ba, you are what you listen to. Kung ano yung pinakikinggan mo, eventually, subconsciously, nagiging ganun na rin, it affects your mind, especially music.”
 Charlene responded:
 “I don’t agree that if you listen to a certain type of music, it will change the way you think or what you believe in life. It’s all about having the proper discernment. If you are strong to the core in your belief of who you are as a person, I don’t think if somebody does something bad, you’ll also be like that if you see or listen to it everyday,”
Toni Gonzaga's ANSWER :
“If you’re strong, but what if you’re weak?”
 So what do you think about the above statements? Anyone? Care to share their thoughts?