Mico Banayo - The Acid Attack Victim Asks For Help

Mico Banayo went on public to raise funds for his medication and surgeries.

For those who still don't know who Mico Banayo is, Mico is a victim of an acid attack last March 15. The suspect shows himself at the front door of Mico Banayo's boarding house in Parañaque City acting like a messenger of a courier service company. While signing the acknowledgement receipt, the suspect splashed and poured great amount of acid to Mico's face.

Mico Banayo is in need of financial help for his surgeries and medication to save his eyesight which is affected severely by the attack.

For the details of how you can help Mico Banayo, refer to the poster above.

Mico Banayo's story and call for help will air today at Wish Ko Lang of GMA7.