The Mara Clara Finale #MaraClaraFinale

The "Mara Clara Finale"

Tonight, June 3, 2011, the 2010 drama remake "Mara Clara" will be serving its finale episode.

People do say that Kathryn Bernardo (Mara Del Valle) indeed portrayed the character of MARA (previously played by Judy Ann Santos) very well. While Julia Montes (Clara David), on the other hand, is very much effective and really gave justice to the role of CLARA (previously played by Gladys Reyes).

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Many people are now waiting for the epic ending of Mara Clara. I am very much sure that this Mara Clara Finale will become one of the most talked about finale online and offline. People are now starting to talk about the said epic finale, for example at twitter,they are now using the #maraclarafinale hashtag to talk about what will happen tonight and share their thoughts about the TV series in whole.



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