Water Camp Resort In Kawit Cavite

Me and my family visited this resort a year ago. I can say, Water Camp resort is truly a tourist magnet. Why? it's because, by the time we go there, even though its not really a summer season, there are huge number of people and families enjoying at the scene.

Water Camp Resort Cavite is one of the Cavite's pride. Although Island Cove is much bigger than this resort, I still vote for Water Camp because it offers not only the swimming pool, but full customer satisfaction as well.

Lifeguards are there, stricly watching and guiding the swimmers. Security is there as well, to protect and safeguard the visitors and their belongings. Parking lot, they have a big one for the visitors to spare.

If you are looking for beaches and resorts to visit here in Cavite, we have lots of them here. Water Camp, as I already said, is one of the best and finest in Cavite. Just a few minutes drive/ride from the city, Water Camp in Kawit Cavite is within your enjoyment's reach.

Oh, by the way, this resort is also featured at the Philippines resort reviews blog. Check it out.


Karen Joy said...

You're right when you said that Watercamp Resort is a tourist magnet. Of all resorts in Cavite, it's my favorite summer spot. Also, my cousin's fiancee loved his visit in the said Cavite resort, Philippines area because of its topnotch customer service, delicious food and comfortable accommodation.

Sheena said...

Of all Cavite resort, Philippines tourist spots, Watercamp Resort is famous because of their restaurant. But in terms of pool landscaping, I personally go for Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite. I just love their well-manicured garden and swimming pools.