Blake Griffin NBA Sprite Slam Dunk 2011 Champion

Fearless Forecast: Blake Griffin Is Crowned As The 2011 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Champion

Ok, I know its too early for me to say and post this, but, I am quite 95% sure that Blake Griffin will win this NBA Sprite Slam Dunk 2011 Contest. If you will take a look at the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk contests participants, Blake Griffin is way way ahead from them; in terms of flight and showmanship as well. For me, Blake Griffin is one of the greatest dunkers of all time I ever seen. Want proof? Watch the videos below:


Blake Griffin of L.A. Clippers
Brandon Jennings of Milwaukee
Serge Ibaka Of Oklahoma City
JaVale McGee Of Washington

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Atlanta Roofing said...

Blake had the best presentation and hype courtesy of Kenny Smith, but if you actually dissect the dunk, it wasn’t that impressive. He just jumped over the low part of the car, which any number of guys could have cleared. Jumping over the high part of the car (the middle) would have been much more impressive. His first dunk would have been INSANE if it had gone down, haven’t seen anyone ever dunk with that velocity of spin.