Worlds Shortest Man Junrey Balawing From Philippines

Edward Niño Hernandez is the current title holder of World's Shortest Man Alive in Guinness World Records. Edward Nino Hernandez measures just 2 feet and 3 inches.

But Junrey Balawing is up to the challenge. Junrey Balawing is a 17 year old male from Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines. He measures only 22 inches, just about to feet, 5 inches smaller than Hernandez.

Junrey Balawing
17 Years Old, 22 Inches Man, Newest Shortest Man Alive in the World!
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Junrey Balawing parents and supporters wants him to grab and win the title of Worlds Shortest Man Alive at Guinness World Records because it will open great opportunities and good life for Junrey who came from a poor but loving and caring family.