World Pool-Billiard Association Top 10 Rankings - 7 Slots Grabbed By Filipinos

The current Mens Ranking of WPA or World Pool-Billiard Association placed our very own Francisco "Django" Bustamante at the top spot. This really shows the caliber we had in terms of pool and/or billiards. Not only that, 7 out of 10 spots of the top 10 are grabbed by Filipinos as well.

Here are the Filipino pool-billiard players who made it into the top 10 with their corresponding rank and points.

1) Francisco Bustamante With 1142 Points
3) Antonio Lining With 940 Points
5) Jeffrey De Luna WIth 841 Points
7) Ronnie Alcano With 784 Points
8) Vicenancio Tanio With 759 Points
9) Marlon Manalo With 732 Points
10) Lee Van Corteza With 704 Points

And here is the image I got from the website:

World Billiard and Pool Mens Ranking