Virtual Secret Santa 2010 Twitter Version

Virtual Secret Santa or VSS (Monito Monita is the Filipino version) is a kind of exchange gift (during Christmas season of course) that takes place at virtual world, specifically on TWITTER. In virtual secret Santa, each participant must submit a picture of him or her holding the present or gift for the person that the organizer (who used some kind of random secret Santa name generator) gave to them. In the picture, he/she must hold up a sign that includes: WHO is it for, FROM who & WHERE you’re (the sender) from.

Here is a sample picture how VSS Twitter Version is done.

Virtual Secret Santa 2010 Twitter Version
VSS sample picture, but, @ronniedare is hoping that she will send it to him for real LOL.

This project or activity is an idea started by Ann or @m_2squared on twitter. Her goal is to spread the Christmas spirit with fellow FILIPINOS and FILIPINAS (or those who carry the FILIPINO blood with them), who lives at different countries. She then approached Ron or @ronniedare about the idea and both of them got excited about how they were going to organize it. Then they both approach their friends about it and like them, those people got excited as well and easily joined in. Then it happened.

Virtual Secret Santa (VSS) started last year (December 2009) and since it's the first VSS twitter version ever, there was only few participants. The participants were Ann (@m_2squared), Ron (@ronniedare), Sarita (@saritaonline), Czarina (@czboogie), Maria (@filipinahgal), Kristine (@kraistine), Annie (@AnnieAreYouOhK), Sofie (@adobongsinigang), Ivy (@psyche83), Aileen (@aileenabigail) & Rhianne (@jlord13). The said participants are all FILIPINOS who currently lives at different countries such as Philippines, Canada, USA, China and many more. Although few people joined in, it was such a total blast. You can check the 2009 VSS Twitter Version photos at this blog of @m_2squared.

And for the 2010 Virtual Secret Santa (VSS) Twitter Version, here are the participants and their corresponding gifts in photos.


Ivy [psyche83]

Sofie [adobongsinigang]
Sarita [saritaonline]
Maria [filipinahgal]
Abi [abheadoverheels]
Yvette [yvetteyzon]
Kristine [kraistine]
Mike [miksas]
Czarina [czboogie]
Jheane [Helina2KuuLei]
Kym [iamkymc]
Mae [choc0bunny]
Carlo [carlo_maniquez]
Pau [iPetim]
Annie [AnnieAreYouOhK]
Al [aldian09]
Blem [zomblem]
AJ [ayerswagg]
Ann [m_2squared]

Here are the awesome photos!


miksas said...


This blog post is WAY awesome. Submitting my pic to you @ronniedare and twitpic it too. Who I got? Well, itsh sheecret ;)