Cigar Guy Tiger Woods

Cigar Guy Tiger Woods - The Photos

Here are some (at least 2 of them) photographs (I found online, as well) of the famous Cigar Guy Tiger Woods craze at the world wide web.

Let us start with the original photograph. This original Cigar Guy Tiger Woods photograph is taken by Daily Mail photographer Mark Pain last Saturday morning in Wales at the Ryder Cup.
Mark Pain did an awesome shot or photo of Tiger Woods while in the line of fire. This Mark Pain Cigar Guy Tiger Woods photo is considered as one of the best sports photography has ever seen.

And because of this photo, a new internet star is born: "Cigar Man," "Cigar Dude," or "Cigar Guy." He's the man dressed in the turban smoking the stogie.

Here is the original photo:

Cigar Guy Tiger Woods Photo
Photo: (Mail on Sunday/Mark Pain)

And here is one of those many photos, created and edited by Cigar Guy fans:

Cigar Guy Tiger Woods Edited Picture
Cigar Guy Is All Over The Place

For sure there will be more variations and style of this newest internet craze. The Cigar Guy Tiger Woods photo is definitely one of the biggest thing now in terms of overnight internet popularity.