Eastbound And Down Season 2 Premiere

Eastbound And Down Season 2 Premiere At HBO

Eastbound and Down is one of the most hilarious shows on television. Eastbound and Down Season 2 premiere is now one of the most talk about event today at the world wide web.

The main character for this show is named as Kenny Powers, portrayed by Danny McBride. Kenny Powers is a former Major League Baseball player who is teaching Physical Education at his hometown.

Eastbound And Down Season 2 premiere will feature different settings and new set of characters. Season 2 premiere is filmed at Mexico. New characters are Michael Pena and Ana de la Reguera. Michael Pena will act as the owner of a Mexican baseball Team. Ana de la Reguera will portray as the ultimate crush of Kenny Powers.

Eastbound And Down Season 2 Premiere

Surely, the Eastbound And Down season 2 premiere and its upcoming episodes will be a jam pack of laughter and humor. It will surely become a big hit at the internet and television world. For more information about Eastbound And Down Season 2 show, head over to http://www.hbo.com/eastbound-and-down/index.html