Rhap Salazar At The Ellen Degeneres Show

Rhap Salazar Performing At The Ellen Degeneres Show

Its about time for this young and very talented kid, Rhap Salazar. We all know that Charisse was first discovered by Ellen Degeneres herself. She invited Charisse to perform at her show and what happens to Charisse's career is history.

Ellen Degeneres always seems ready to help Filipino talents. I can say that, she really love and adore young Filipino singers. Well, can I call Ellen as Ellen "The Generous" (sounds like Degeneres eh?).

Oh, about the Rhap Salazar performance at the Ellen Degeneres show, here is the detail:

Ellen recently discovered 12-year-old singing sensation Rhap Salazar and just had to meet him -- so she flew him all the way from the Philippines to be on the show. Watch his amazing performance here.

Rhap Salazar At The Ellen Degeneres Show

Source: Watch 12-Year-Old Singing Sensation Rhap Salazar