Number One Song The Day You Were Born - Billboard Hits On Your Birthday

Its fun to know few things way back from the good old days. One of those information we are eager to know is what is the number one song on your birthday. This post will try to help you out to know what was the number 1 song on the day you were born.

The #1 Song On This Date In History.

This one will help you out to look up and listen to Billboard's #1 song on a specific date in history; specifically the number one song on your birthday. Check the given notes below before checking the songs.

What was the #1 song on ...
- the day you were born?
- the day you graduated from high school?
- the day you were married?
- the day your child was born?
- the day your friend or spouse was born?
- the approximate date you were conceived?


Date Engine

Enter your date of birth or birthday to discover what was at Number One song, at any week in the past 60 years. Also with this day engine, you'll also see a list of eminent musicians who share your special day.

Important notes:
# Please note: The singles chart wasn't born until Nov 1952
# We have used sheet music charts prior to 1952, from the post-WWII era.
# Album charts did not exist until late 1956.


After using the above said tools, feel free to share the number 1 song on the day you were born.