Denmark Women's Curling Team Danish Curling Team

Denmark women’s curling team beats the United States curling team at 2010 Winter Olympics. And this latest update at the said Winter Olympics gave the Danish Curling Team the limelight. They are being talked about and being searched by many people around the world wide web.

Denmark Women’s Curling Team Danish Women Curling Team
Angelina Jensen
Madeleine Dupont
Denise Dupont
Camilla Jensen
Ane Håkansson Hansen (alternate)

Here is a short news or information about Denmark Women's Curling Team win over American Team.

2010 Winter Olympics: Denmark Women's Curling Team Beats U.S.

Despite having a few opportunities to rally after slip-ups by the Denmark women's curling team, the United States stumbled and lost 8-5 to remain winless in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Denmark held a 2-0 advantage early in the match, but the US rallied to tie and capture a 4-2 lead. However, rounds 6 and 7 were the turning point.

American captain Debbie McCormick had a chance to seal the win for the U.S. in the sixth end; however, by opting to set a guard and accidentally shooting it long, she opened the door for Denmark.

At that point, Denmark's Madeleine Dupont converted by sending her stone onto the edge of the four foot ring to narrow the U.S.'s lead to one point.