Celebrity Look A Like Generator

Here are my own set of celebrity look a like generator. I hope this tools can answer the common question: "what celebrity do i look like?" being often asked by many people. As far as I know, the following tools do use face recognition (something like those you saw on some action movie films) that will identify your celebrity look a like match.

Without further ado, here they are:

Find The Celebrity In You - MyHeritage.Com

Select a photo for celebrity face recognition.

Upload a photo with large, front-facing and straight faces to get accurate celebrity matches.

If photo uploading is finish and you saw your celebrity look alike, you may try additional photos later on to see which celebrities appear several times.

These celebrities are your celebrity twins!


Find your celebrity look alike

Go to www.facedouble.com and submit a photo along with your email address.
There is no cost to use the service from the web.

From your camera phone, take a picture and send it as a picture message to either boy@facedouble.com or girl@facedouble.com.

From your email, attach a picture and send it to either boy@facedouble.com or girl@facedouble.com.


Hope the above celebrity face look alike generator helps.