What Did Serena Williams Say To Line Judge

Here is a snippet of what Serena Williams says to line judge after being called for a foot fault.

What Did Serena Williams Say To Line Judge ?

'If I could, I would take this ******* ball and shove it down your ******* throat,' she reportedly said. Just fill in the asterisks to complete the sentence. I know you know it.

With the crowd booing, Serena Williams said to the line woman: 'I didn't say I would **** you. Are you serious? I didn't say that.'

Serena Williams Says Sometime To Line Judge
Photo Of Serena Williams Saying Some Words To Line Judge
Photo credits: dailymail.co.uk

The line woman reported Serena Williams words to the umpire, who called in the tournament referee at Flushing Meadows in New York.

This issue occurred during her battle with Kim Clijsters. Her words gave a point on match point, handing a semi-final victory to opponent Kim Clijsters.

Fans and audience of the said match not enjoyed in the event as well. Seems like a not so good finish ever in a tennis open.

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