Kanye West On Jay Leno Show

Fans and people who watched, heard and witnessed the Kanye West outburst at VMA Awards are now in search for the Kanye West On Jay Leno video.

Kanye West appeared on The Jay Leno Show night of September 14. Again, he delivered an apology to Taylor Swift regarding his act at Sunday's Video Music Awards. However, fans and supporters of Taylor Swift sense that Kanye West apologies are so unreal.

When Jay Leno asked Kanye about what her mother, Donda West, would have thought about his acts at the VMA night, the rapper become silent for few seconds. Kanye West teared up when the talk-show host brought up his late mother, who he lost in November 2007 after a cosmetic surgery gone bad.

As far as I know, Kanye West posted an apology letter to his blog after few hours of the Taylor Swift incident.

For the Kanye West On Jay Leno Show video, proceed here. You may also check more of the Kanye West appearance and interview at Jay Leno Show here.


Anonymous said...

Kanye's 3rd apology on Jay Leno.... Was that really an apology??? Kanye did seem a bit remorseful. Were those tears real??? Read the text of interview here: