House Lawrence Kutner Kal Penn

Kal Penn or Lawrence Kutner in House character’s su1c1de on last night’s House really hit the web and surprise their fans and viewers. And now, Lawrence Kutner’s House su1c1de act makes many people asking if Kal Penn is dead.

Also, the came up with a thing or sort of a short memorial or 0b1tuary post on their site.

House Kal Penn Lawrence Kutner
Kal Penn (Lawrence Kutner at House) asked to be written off of House because he will be working at the White House with President Obama.

Kal Penn is a volunteer of the Obama campaign army and will now perform his duty as the associate director in the White House office of public liaison.

So all now is clear, Lawrence Kutner is leaving House for Kal Penn to be able to perform his duties and responsibilities at the White House.