Download Michael Jackson Memorial Video

I am a Michael Jackson fan and I really admire his creations. I watched the news and the videos of his memorial day and I was touched by the speeches and the songs being sung by other celebrities. It was evident that Michael Jackson touches many lives.

For those persons who missed out the Michael Jackson's memorial day, you still have a chance to watch it, save it and remember it for life. Below are some places where you can watch and download Michael Jackson memorial video.

I will try to update my list for other available resources/locations.

Here are the resources and locations where Michael Jackson memorial service videos.
  • Choose among the YouTube videos uploaded by fans.
  • CNN Live shows replays of the Michael Jackson memorial service.
  • TMZ showing MJ's memorial service.
  • MJ, this post is dedicated to you, your songs and your creations. Long live the Michael The King of Pop!


    Rose said...

    he is truly a great singer, living many great songs for us to remember him. may he now finds the happiness that was not offered to him when he was alive.