Cavitenios World Wide PhotoWalk

Cavitenio photo lovers, both pro and non-pro participated in the World Wide Photo Walk event. A Photo Walk is a social photography event where photographers get together, usually in a downtown area or trendy section of town, to walk around, shoot photos, and generally have fun with other photographers. Participation and becoming a part of the Photo Walk event is totally free. However, you must sign up earlier to be counted.

Here is the complete details about the World Wide Photo Walk in Cavite City.

A message from the walk leader.

We’re inviting everyone to join and take part on this remarkable world-wide event.

No need to go somewhere else – just here in our own historic-rich Cavite City!(exact routes/details to be confirmed.)

You don’t have to have the latest, pixel-riched or a full frame whatever camera. Nor the hottest prime lens on your bag. You dont have to be a “PRO”, you just have to love shooting and you enjoy meeting people with the same interests as you! We’d walk around, shoot photos, and generally have fun with other photographers.

Professional digital/film cameras’ not required (but preferred.) Cameraphones are also welcome! Whether you’re an amateur, seasoned photographer, blogger and plain camwhore who loves taking photos - THIS PHOTOWALK’S FOR YOU!

The photowalk is FREE to all but limited to 50 walkers/participants. Sign up now and keep posted for more details!

At the moment, participants will GET:
-- a chance to swap/borrow lens, tripod, etc. with fellow photowalker. (if they permit :P)
– a chance to learn from advance photo(grapher)walker…
– a chance to meet your soulmate
– an event ID with lace (souvenir din to noh!)

and we’re working to get sponsorship for:
– Commemorative photowalk tshirt
– Free snack (beers maybe?)
– banners
– etc…

This is our first WORLDWIDE photowalk experience in Cavite City and we all need your help and support. please don’t hesitate to contribute your ideas!

After registering on this website, please send a private message to with the following format:
Subject: Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk
Contact Number:

More information can be found at the Cavite Camera Club multiply page and at the Cavite City Photo Walk page.