Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park

Are you looking for a fine summer destination? Do you want to go out and spare your vacation at beaches and resort? Well, if yes is your answer, I do recommend this one. The Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park in Cavite.

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park is ISO 9001:2000 certified and accredited by the Department of Tourism as triple "A". Located in the historic town of Kawit, Cavite, this Mediterranean-inspired island is only 45-minutes away from Metro Manila.

Island Cove has been known to be the pioneer in the tourism industry with respect to the introduction of a myriad of attractions that lure both local and foreign visitors. Among these are the Oceania Water Park, the Animal Island, and the Adventure Activity Zone.

Island Cove

Island Cove is a relaxation sanctuary where one can discover countless ways to spend his day. It boasts of 96 hotel rooms, 17 cottages with 34 bedrooms, various restaurants, sports and recreation facilities, and banquet and function rooms.

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park's long-term vision is to become a self-sustaining natural environment, with regard to waste management and reductions in fuel emission.

Truly one of the Cavite's Pride and Finest. Island Cove in Cavite is a famous tourist and local attraction. The resort can be found at Kawit, Cavite. For more information about their service, check out their website at

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