Caylabne Bay Beach Resort Ternate

Caylabne Beach Resort in Ternate Cavite is a well known and a hot tourist spot in the province. Tourists and locals are amazed by the beauty and the view the resort offers. This is a nice place for a getaway and a nice plate to stay to this summer.

The Cavite resort hotel of Caylabne Bay boasts of fashionable and relaxing accommodations in its semi-detached suites structured in the Spanish Antillean tradition. Each air-conditioned module offers a private living room, dining room and balcony. Their resort hotel in Cavite has everything you need, from color TV to in-house movies, mini-bars, and private bath facilities with hot and cold water.

Caylabne Beach Resort
The Caylabne Bay Resort Hotel has everything for everyone. A businessman’s haven, a gourmand’s dream, and a sportsman’s paradise. With its international-standard facilities and guest-dedicated amenities, the Caylabne Bay Resort Hotel in Cavite gives nothing short of a memorable stay.

Caylabne Bay Resort is a Filipino-owned corporation which is a partnership between Kuok Properties Philippines, Inc. and the Virata Group, a Philippine entrepreneurial group headed by Luis Juan L. Virata. It is situated in a cove at Caylabne Point, Cavite with a total land area of 160 hectares. It is surrounded by these islands: El Fraile, Caballo, La Monja, Carabao, and Corregidor.

Just 90 kilometers south of Manila, Caylabne Bay Resort is the market leader in terms of Beach Resort Properties in Cavite because of its distinction as the only Triple A Resort in the area.

With all of that said, Caylabne is truly a Cavite's Pride and Finest. Visit their official website here.