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WHOA! Manny Pacquiao's "Pac-Man Eating Money" Shirt Is Fake! Here's The Truth Behind It!

After years of endless talks, the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. mega bout will finally happen! Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is all set on May 2 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Manny Pacquiao's "Pac-Man Eating Money" Shirt Is Fake!

Experts, sports fans and analysts are all saying that this fight doesn't need that much promotion or hype to draw huge money in terms of ticket and pay per view sales. But this one Photoshopped shirt of Pacquiao can indeed count as one of the best promotional hype for the upcoming fight of the century.
This image went viral as soon as it was posted by the Official Twitter account of the World Boxing Organization (WBO). Pacquiao fans loves it and some are even asking where they can buy such shirt to show support and maybe annoy Mayweather fans too. But too bad, it's a fake shirt and greatly photoshopped by the so called "image experts".

Boxing Hype has it:
Fake or not, it looks great and it certainly adds more excitement for the mega bout. The FANS can't wait!

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Did You Know That The Oldest Operating Hotel In The World Can Be Found In Asia? It Has Been Operating Since 703 AD! Amazing!

Japan is known for their high-tech gadgets and infrastructures. Japanese homes are built with amazing technology like robotics and anti-earthquake machinery. If you are a tourist, you will be amazed with their amazing hotels that boast with the latest technology the world has ever seen. But, did you know that Japan is also the home of the oldest operating hotel in the world and it has been operating since 705 AD!

Guinness World Records confirmed it via their website that the oldest hotel is the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamanashi, Japan, a hot-spring hotel, which has been operating since 703 AD.

It is the oldest hotel and oldest company still in operation and it had 52 generations of the same family operating it since its founding. This hotel or inn was even patronized by Japanese samurai.

Here's what JapanPage.Net has written about this world's oldest operating hotel:
"Keiunkan has been in continuous operation for some 1,300 years. In 2011, this astonishing record was recognized by Guinness World Records, crowning the establishment as the world's oldest inn. Turning to the historical record reveals surprising facts: military leader Takeda Shingen of the Sengoku (Warring States) period, Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first generation of the shogunate which controlled Japan, and other famous samurai patrons soaked in the hot springs there."
And by the way, the second oldest operating hotel in the world is also located in Japan, it's called the Hōshi Ryokan. It was founded in 718. Hoshi Ryokan has been operated by the same family for forty-six generations.

For more information about Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, you can visit the following sources:

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From A Simple Last Name Rant, This Facebook Post Became An Instant Internet Sensation

Weird, uncommon and unique last names are often associated with humor. This is what drives this certain person, who's last name is "Beech", to rant about people calling her via her last name. According to her Facebook post, people who doesn't know her are confused if she's a real b*tch.This usually happens when people she know calls her via her last name in PUBLIC.

Her rant became an instant internet sensation when comments from people with weird, unique and uncommon last names started to flock in. I screen captured some of them below.

This is where it all started:

FEU Secret Files Last Name 1

And here are the even more hilarious responses:

FEU Secret Files Last Name 2

FEU Secret Files Last Name 3

FEU Secret Files Last Name 4

For more of these, you can visit this link.

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Customers Are Amazed How This Couple Managed To Work 21-Hours A Day! Here's Their BIGGEST SECRET!

In the city of Yiwu in Eastern China, there lies a successful restaurant own and run by what the locals call “robot couple”. Loyal customers are astonished with the couple’s ability to personally run the restaurant 21 hours a day without any sign of tiredness or fatigue. According to the astonished diners, the couple will open their establishment at 6am and will close at 3am the next day. Many started to ask about their secret and how they are able to manage their business that way. Due to the pressure of their customers and local news media outlet, they are “forced” to finally reveal their greatest secret.

Identical Robot Couple Who Runs Restaurant

This restaurant in China is actually run by two couples – and both the men and the women are identical twins. The twin brothers married the twin sisters and the four of them decided to go into the restaurant business together. This little gimmick of them really made their food establishment more successful than they what expected.
“Many diners thought we worked too hard and are like robots, but they don’t know that we are actually four people,” said Mao Zhanghua, 32, one of the brothers.
Pretty amazing isn’t it?


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What This Security Cam Captured Made Me See An Unbelievably Crazy World. Media Should Cover This Too!

More often than not, security cameras or CCTV are used to capture and report crimes around the globe. Police use it as evidence of a wrongdoing or a crime committed by a person. Technically, people see security cams as a device to capture anything related to CRIME and everything that goes BAD around the globe.

Security Camera CCTV

The video below will show you the other things or events that security cameras around the globe captured too. Its way different to the ones we usually see on TV or reported by the media people.

Faith in humanity restored!
We are exposed to bad news every day, that sometimes it seems as if nothing good ever happens. Unaware that their actions are being recorded, these random events are recorded from around the globe. It depicts humans being happy, goofy, friendly, helpful and sometimes even heroic. Yes, good things still do happen every day!

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